Innovations in Motion Control – XY-Theta Alignment Stages Feature: Sub Micron Resolution!

Innovations in Motion Control –

  XY-Theta Alignment Stages!

Innovations in Motion Control - alignment stages
motion control - stages - custom



Van Nuys, CA – — Innovations in Motion Control Technology  – Two new XY-Theta Alignment Stages have been released by Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES). The XYR-15-60-01 and the XYR-15-60-04 Alignment Stages feature 15 mm (0.58 in.) of travel in both the X and Y axes and 360 degrees of continuous rotation on the rotary axis. The new XY-Theta Alignment Stages are driven by Two Phase Stepper Motors featuring 0.25 micron resolution (20 Micro-steps per Step Motor Driver in use).

Motion Control – The S-63-38 Series of 0.38 Inch Dia. Pull Type Solenoids Features 16 Standard models to Meet Voltage, Duty Cycle, Force, and Stroke Requirements of an Application!

Motion Control Technology Newsletter – Tubular Solenoids

motion control - solenoid
Motion Control Technology – Van Nuys, CA – The S-63-38 Series of Pull Type Tubular Solenoids has been released by Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS). This series of 0.38 in. diameter solenoids features 16 standard off-the-shelf solenoids to select from based on the Voltage, Duty Cycle, Force and Stroke requirement of the user.

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These miniature solenoids featuring a 0.38 in. diameter have a 0.66 in. long housing and when retracted are just 0.80 in. long.

Motion Control – AMC Introduces the FE060-25-IPM FlexPro® Servo Drive with IMPACT™ Architecture

Motion Control – Servo Drive

motion control -servo drive

motion control electromate robotics




Vaughan, Ontario, Canada — Motion Control – Advanced Motion Controls (AMC), a US leading provider of servo amplifiers, is proud to announce the release of the FE060-25-IPM FlexPro® series servo drive. This state-of-the-art drive is designed to provide advanced control and power in one compact package, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Motion Control – Compact 0.750 Inch Diameter Voice Coil Motor Features A 1.500 Inch Stroke and High Force-to-Size Ratio!

Linear Motion Actuator – 1.0 Inch Diameter Voice Coil Motors!
motion control - linear motor

Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – Moticont has added a 0.750 in. (19.1 mm) diameter (smaller than a US Quarter) Linear Voice Coil Motor, to their expanding line of voice coil or moving coil motors. The LVCM-019-048-02 Linear Voice Coil Motor is a true servo motor featuring zero cogging, high accuracy, and high repeatability when operated in a closed position loop. Voice Coil Motors (also referred to as actuators) are clean, quiet, efficient, brushless high speed linear servo motors. This small LVCM-019-048-02 diameter actuator has a 1.500 in (38.1 mm) stroke length and a high-force-to-size ratio of 7.4 oz (2.1 N) and a peak force of 23.5 oz. (6.5 N) at 10% duty cycle.

motion control - moticont

This efficient, low inertia, high acceleration, brushless, high speed linear motor has zero cogging and features high accuracy, and high repeatability. It is ideal for: Work holding and clamping, medical devices, haptic feedback, assembly, testing, laser machining and drilling, wafer handling, optical focusing, dynamic vibration absorption, scanners and laser beam steering and filtering.

Motion Control – One Piece ETX Linear Bearing/Pillow Blocks Can Be Used In Radioactive Environments!

Motion Control – ETX Pillow Block/Bearings for Radioactive Environments

motion control pillow blocks/bearings

E. Longmeadow, MA – Motion Control – Components – Linear Motion – LM76 now offers one piece ETX Linear Bearing/Pillow Blocks that will not degrade in a radioactive environment! Machined from a solid block of self lubricating ETX, linear bearing-blocks have high strength, excellent wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, and excellent dimensional stability at higher temperatures As there is no other materials such as PTFE seals or lubricants these bearing-blocks are maintenance free.
motion control - lm76
Custom designed for use in a nuclear power plant these linear bearing/pillow blocks travel on ceramic coated shafting (also supplied by LM76) completely submerged in radioactive water.

Motion Control – Select from a Series of Compact Electromagnets to Meet Holding Force and Duty Cycle Requirements of an Application!

Motion Control – Push Type Open Frame Solenoid

motion control electro magnet



motion control - mss logo blk


Motion Control Solenoids – Van Nuys, CA — A powerful series of compact, low cost electromagnets has been released by Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS). Their E-22-150 Series of Tubular Electromagnets 1.5 in. in diameter x 2.15 in. feature 19 different windings to select from based on the duty cycle and holding force requirements of the application. E-22-150 Electromagnets are immediately available off-the-shelf in sample quantities and OEM quantities for Just-In-Time deliveries.

Motion Control – Miniature PVS 30.5 Parallelogram Voice Coil Stage from Equipment Solutions!

Motion Control – Miniature Parallelogram Voice Coil Stage!

motion control - miniature stages

motion control - miniature components



Forestville, CA, – — Motion Control – This Custom PVS-30.5 Parallelogram Voice Coil Stage Features: Flexure guidance system, 30 millimeter clear aperture, 4 millimeters of linear motion, 45 G’s acceleration (no load), 200 nanometers positioning repeatability, non-contact electro-optic position sensor, direct SCA-814 Servo Controlled Amplifier compatibility, 38mm x 46mm x 85mm, 280 grams.

Motion Control – Eight New High Resolution, High Repeatability Yaw-and-Pitch Stages for the Measurement of Angles and Curvatures!

Motion Control – Yaw and Pitch Stages

motion control - yaw/pitch stages
motion control - stage


Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – Eight new Yaw-and-Pitch Stages have been introduced by OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.). These new series of high precision Yaw-and-Pitch Stages integrate Goniometers as the lower stage (yaw axis) and a rotary stage as the upper stage (pitch axis). The yaw range of travel is +/-10 or +/- 15 degrees. The pitch range of travel is 360 degrees of continuous motion. The diameter of the pitch axis is 60 mm.

Applications include Laser scanning, drilling, and machining, reverse engineering, inspection, assembly, measurements, tracking, and positioning.

Motion Control – Meet the Voltage, Duty Cycle, and Force Requirements of Many Applications with a Series of 18 Push Type Open Frame Solenoids with a 1 Inch Stroke!

Motion Control – Push Type Open Frame Solenoid

motion control open frame solenoid



motion control - mss logo blk


Motion Control Solenoids – Van Nuys, CA — Push Type Solenoids from Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS) includes a series of 18 different low-cost open frame solenoids to select from based on the Voltage, Duty Cycle, Force of up to 96 oz (26.7 N) and stroke requirements of the user. These clean, high efficiency, low-cost S-18-100-QH Open Frame Push Type Solenoids can be operated at a variety of duty cycles (voltage dependent) and are the ideal choice for: Medical dispensing, mixing, valve control, disconnects, vending machines, farm machinery, transmission shifting, fire suppression systems, cabinet locks, door controls, assembly and sorting equipment.

Motion Control – Exor Introduces Next Generation Wireless HMI: Exor X5

Motion Control – Wireless HMI!

motion control - wireless hmi

motion control - electromate robotics




Vaughan, Ontario, Canada — Motion Control Components — Exor, a leading provider of industrial automation solutions, is proud to announce the release of its latest product, the Exor X5 Wireless HMI. This cutting-edge device is designed to revolutionize the way industrial operators interact with their machines and equipment.

Motion Control Products Featured on Facebook

Motion Control – Facebook Pages

motion control- facebook invites you to check out these Facebook pages …

Motion Control – Compact 1.25 Micron Resolution Direct Drive Linear Actuator Features High Speed, Zero Cogging!

Motion Control Stage- Hollow Core Voice Coil Stage

motion control - electric cylinder

Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – A New, compact, Electric Cylinder or Linear Voice Coil Actuator 38.1 mm (1.500 in.) in diameter, with a 12.7 mm (0.500 in.) stroke, and a housing length of 69.9 mm (2.750 in.) long has been released by Moticont.
motion control - moticont


This new SDLM-0038-070-01-01M Linear DC Actuator features high repeatability, 1.25 micron resolution, a continuous force of 14.5 N (3.2 lbs.), and a peak force of 45.8 N (10.3 lbs.). To operate at peak efficiency an integral temperature sensor provides data to achieve the highest possible throughput.

Motion Control – Hybrid Linear Bearings for the Times Bearing Failure Just Can Not be Allowed to Happen!

Motion Control – Ceramic Hybrid Linear Bearings
motion control - hybrid linear bearings

E. Longmeadow, MA – Motion Control – Linear Motion – Pegasus Hybrid Linear Bearings for the times Bearing Failure just can not be allowed to Happen!  That is the the time when Down-Time is more costly then the price of the bearings.
motion control - linear motion products

Motion Control – Linear Focus Actuator from Equipment Solutions features 200 Nanometer position Repeatability!

Motion Control – Linear Focus Actuator features 200 Nanometer repeatability!

motion control - linear focus actuator

motion control - miniature components



Forestville, CA, – — Motion Control – This Custom LFA-2003 Linear Focus Actuator Features: 20 millimeter clear aperture, 3 millimeters linear motion, 200 nanometer position repeatability, Flexture guidance system, ‘C’ mount lens adapter, integrated coil temperature sensor, direct SCA814 Servo Controlled Amplifier compatibility, 74mm x 61mm, 690 grams.

Motion Control Homepage – Motion Controllers for 1, 2, 3, and 4 Axis of Motion Can Be Operated as Stand-alone or Can Be Host Controlled!

Motion Control Homepage- Multi-axis Motion Controllers

All Motion Control - multi-axis controller
motion control - stage




Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control Homepage- Complementing the OES (Optimal Engineering Systems Inc.) growing line of single and multi-axis positioning stages is the Allegra Series of Stored Program Motion Control Systems Controllers. The Allegra Series of Controllers is available as a desktop (pictured) or 19 inch rack mount system.

Motion Control – Tutorial – Solenoid Construction

Motion Control – Tutorial – Solenoid Construction

motion control - pull type solenoid



motion control - mss logo blk

Solenoid Construction

A Solenoid is a long wire, wound with a helical pattern, usually surrounded by a steel frame, having a steel core inside the winding.

When carrying a current “i “, the Solenoid becomes an electro-mechanical device, in which electrical energy is converted into mechanical work.

Motion Control Products- Miniature Direct Drive Linear Motor with Integrated Encoder and Temperature Sensor is Just 16 mm in Diameter!

Motion Control Products – Miniature Integrated Voice Coil Motor
motion control products - integrated miniature linear motor


motion control - moticont


Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control Products – Moticont is introducing their new miniature 16 mm diameter SDLM-016-032-01-01 Direct Drive Linear Motor with integrated position and temperature sensors. This smallest of the fully enclosed SDLM series of linear motors features zero backlash, zero cogging, high acceleration, high speed, high resolution, and long life.

Motion Control Products – Introducing the New VLM-60 Multi-turn Encoder from Netzer Precision

Motion Control Products – Multi-turn Encoder
motion control products - multi-turn encoder

motion control - electromate robotics




Vaughan, Ontario, Canada — Motion Control Products – Netzer is proud to introduce the new VLM-60 multi-turn, hollow shaft absolute rotary encoder, the ideal solution for smooth and continuous production with limited space.

Motion Control Products – CERAMICSPEED Radial Bearings Are FDA and EC1935 Approved for Medicine and Food Production and Preparation!

Motion Control Products- Hybrid Ceramic Ball Radial Bearings

motion control - hybrid radial bearings

motion control - linear motion products



E. Longmeadow, MA –Motion Control Products- CERAMICSPEED Hybrid Radial Corrotec/CorroCoat Bearings are designed for environments of high humidity, have been approved in accordance with FDA 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulation covering medicine and food), and have an EC No. 1935/2004 authorization. Superior life and performance when compared to bearings made from just stainless steel, Corrotec/CorroCoat Bearings feature Stainless Steel races with CorroCoat, a coating with extremely high corrosion resistance and friction suppressant properties, hard, very smooth ceramic balls that will not deform or spall under high loads, and synthetic material ball cages.

MotionShop Spotlights – the LFA-3403 Is an Open Aperture Linear Focus Actuator from Equipment Solutions

MotionShop Spotlights –  Open Aperture Linear Focus Actuator

MotionShop Features - linear focus actuator

MotionShop – LFA-3404 Linear Focus Actuator: 34 millimeter clear aperture, 4 millimeter range of motion, <50 nanometer positioning resolution, 90 grams moving mass, 89 x 57mm, 1kg

motion control - Miniature actuatorsForestville, CA, – MotionShop, the Motion Control Homepage, Features – The
LFA-3404 Linear Focus Actuator is a high performance compact positioning actuator. It was specifically developed for applications requiring both high precision and high-speed positioning over a short to medium stroke. This product mates the voice coil motor to a perfectly smooth flexure guidance system and a very high resolution position feedback encoder.

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