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Motion Control Application - A wasp shows the way!

Maxon motion control application - Brain

What do wasps have to do with brain surgery?  At first glance, not a whole lot. However, one species serves as the model for an innovative brain surgery needle that is being developed by a team of researchers from England.

Fall River, MA -- Motion Control Components Application - In tumor treatment, neurosurgeons today use a thin, rigid needle to inject medication into the affected brain tissue. This carries a relatively high risk of injuring healthy tissue, because a rigid needle only allows the surgeon to enter a certain region of the brain, following a straight path. The ideal solution would be a flexible operating tool.

This is where the London Imperial College comes in. In recent years, a team led by Prof. Rodriguez y Baena worked on developing a flexible robotic needle capable of reaching the deeper regions of the brain, while simultaneously avoiding especially sensitive areas.

Click here for more information about This Innovative NeedleUsing Maxon's Motion Control Components!

Motion Control Application - Wearable Pumps for Medical Devices Count on Ball Screws from Steinmeyer!

Motion Control Application - Steinmeyer Ball Screws used in Medical Pumps

BURLINGTON, MA --Motion Control Applications - Motion Control Components - There has been a tremendous amount of innovation lately in the design of medical devices and lab instruments. One of the critical aspects of the new products being developed is linear motion. And Steinmeyer is proud to be directly involved in providing drive solutions to our cutting-edge customers. We currently have several on-going applications involving wearable pumps driven by ball screws, and I wanted to share some of the specifics.

Click here for more information about Wearable Medical Pumps using Steinmeyer Ball Screws!

Motion Control Application- Maxon Motors in the Formula Renault 3.5!!

The Formula Renault racing series has become one of the most important racing series for future world-class Formula 1 drivers. Since 2012, a new, more powerful V8 engine has been roaring under the hood of the World Series racing cars. Inside it, maxon motors are responsible for adjusting the electronic throttle system.

Maxon motion control application - RenaultRace Car

Fall River, MA -- Motion Control Components Application - The World Series by Renault is a combination of several racing series. The main series is the Formula Renault 3.5. The prestigious Formula Renault 3.5 has become one of the most important racing series for future world-class Formula 1 drivers. In recent years, several drivers have succeeded in making the jump from the Formula Renault 3.5 to the Formula 1, such as Jean Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo of the Scuderia Toro Rosso, as well as current world champion Sebastian Vettel from Germany

Click here for more information about Maxon Motors used in the Formula Renualt Motor!

Motion Control Tutorial - Linear Induction Motor: How it Works.!

What is all the hype about the Hyperloop? How does it move? What is the technology that makes it possible?

H2W Technologies Linear Induction Motor Tutorial

Santa Clarita, CA —-- Motion Control Tutorial - How Does a Linear Induction Motor Work? - Linear induction motor (LIM) theory is most easily understood as a rotary motor that has been cut and unrolled to generate linear motion, instead of rotary motion. It is comprised of two parts, the primary and secondary, which interact with one another only when power is applied. Either the primary or the secondary can be fixed while the other moves.

Click here for more information about How Linear Induction Motors Work!

Application Story - Sound of Light from Intellidrives!

Optoacoustic tomography (OAT) is a technique for generating high-resolution images of biological tissue that scatters light waves, typically biological tissue.


Philadelphia, PA, -- Motion Control Components and Systems - Application - OAT systems create these images with pulses of dark red light that have a maximum duration of 50 nanoseconds. These pulses heat the tissue and cause it to expand launching ultrasound wave, a phenomenon known scientifically as an optoacoustic effect. This thermo-elastic expansion produces high-frequency acoustic or ultrasonic waves that the imaging scanner detects and uses to create an image with computational methods such as filtered back-projection. OAT is unaffected by the scattering of photons, allowing it to take high-resolution images of deep biological tissue.

Click here for more information about this Interesting Application from IntelliDrives

Application Story - Steinmeyer optiSLITE Miniature Ball Screws the Optimal Solution for Pipetting Systems!

Motion Control Components - Steinmeyer optiSLITE Ball Screws Application

BURLINGTON, MA --Motion Control Components Application - Steinmeyer, a global manufacturer of precision ground ball screws, recently introduced an enhancement to its miniature ball screw line called optiSLITE. This feature delivers lower friction torque for smoother running and better servo response. The result is superior positioning performance in laboratory instrument applications, such as pipetting and dispensing.

Click here for more information about these Enhanced Precision Ground Miniature Ball Screws available from Steinmeyer

Motion Control Application - 3-D Laser Scanner Uses JVL's MAC Motors!

Servos from JVL used in 3D Scanner

Birkerød, Denmark and Morrow, OH (USA) -- Laser scanning is used to measure an object by scanning it with a laser and digitalising the data. Using this information, it is possible to copy or modify the scanned object in various ways using Scantech´s CAD/CAM system CARSO. The scanner system is used for restoration work, scaling models, and creating industrial moulds. For example, it is possible to scan a marble figure that is deteriorating, and use the CAD/CAM system and a 3-D lathe to produce a true copy of the pristine original. It is thus possible to save a lot of manual work.

Click here for more information about this Integrated Servo Motor Application from JVL

MAXON Application - On the Trail of Wild Animals!

Maxon motion control Camera components

Elephants, lions or entire herds of antelopes –with a digital camera specially designed for documentaries, wild animals can be captured quickly. Motors made by maxon ensure that there are no chromatic aberrations in the recordings!

Fall River, MA -- 35 degrees Celsius in the shade; the sun is burning hot. Not a single cloud in the steel-blue sky: That is the grassland plains of Kenya, with its fascinating wildlife and impressive landscapes. Documentary film teams from across the world are on the trail of wild animals. A dangerous job; no one wants to get too close to lions, elephants and company. A jeep roars through the plains on the search for the animals of East Africa. In the noon sun, a lion appears on the horizon. It is lying in the grass, almost invisible – and unfazed by the approaching jeep. The camera operator is ready. The ARRI AMIRA digital camera is ready to shoot. In a jiffy the king of the savanna has been captured – as an image.

Click here for more information about Maxon's Application Story - Wild Animals Camera!

Linear Motion Control Application - How Would You Position Components On An Experimental Reactor Vessel Weighing 33 Tons?

Easy ... Using Custom made LM76 Jet Rail Bearings and Shafting!

Linear Motion Control  - LM76 Application - Jet Rail and Shafting

E. Longmeadow, MA – -When a privately funded research company was ready to move from their original Proof of Concept to a sustainable fusion reactor to produce clean sustainable energy, they realized that extremely heavy components would need to be assembled and disassembled and reassembled again for design modifications and maintenance. The completed assembly would be the length of two buses and easy alignment of the individual components would be critical.

The main reactor, the fusion containment chamber that is capable of containing a plasma medium of 10 to 15 million degrees is made of non-magnetic stainless steel as are many of the components. The Plasma Medium could be described as a football shaped blob about 1 meter in diameter by 2 meters long. The plasma medium is injected from each end of the reactor assembly by Plasma Guns.

Linear Motion Control  - LM76 Application - Jet Rail and Shafting

Click here for more information about Positioning these massive components using Jet Rail Linear Bearings and Shafting from LM76

Application Story - Handling and Assembly Machine for Hearing Aids Uses JVL Components!

Motion Control Application-Hearing Aid Assembly Machine used components from JVL

The company of G&E Maskinteknik in the town of Farum north of Copenhagen is using JVL step motor controllers in a compact machine to assemble filters for Danavox hearing aids.

Birkerød, Denmark and Morrow, OH (USA) -- Motion Control Application Story - For many years, the Danish company G&E Maskinteknik has co-operated with GN Danavox in the automation of plastic component manufacture for Danavox's world-renowned hearing aids. G&E, which is located in the town of Farum north of Copenhagen, is well-known for its design and production of specialised machinery for manufacture in the electronic, medical, plastics, and foodstuffs industries. G&E's co-operation with Danavox has resulted in a long series of specialised machinery, from injection moulding machines to machinery for automatic assembly and testing of complete switches for hearing aids.

Click here for more information about this Assembly Aplication using JVL Controllers

Linear Bearing Application - Polishing Machine's Linear Ball Bearing Failures Solved by LM76!

Linear Motion Control  - LM76 Application - Polished Hub Cap!

E. Longmeadow, MA – -Linear Motion Application Story ...

The Application -

Polishing Aluminum Truck Wheels is done with a polishing machine that has a 36" vertical stroke indexer, having a 2500 pound load moving @ 4" per second. The polishing media is like toothpaste with glass in it. It is extremely abrasive, and sticky/tacky.

The Problem -

The industrial buffing system is chewing-up linear ball bearings and spitting them out every 2 weeks!

Click here for more information about How LM76 Solved A "STICKY" Problem for a Truck Wheel Manufacturer!

Application - Robotic Rib Spreading Tool to Help Patients Hurt Less and Heal Faster!

One advanced technology company is taking on the challenge of developing hand-held, robotic surgical instruments to help patients hurt less and heal faster. High torque maxon motors ensure jerk-free movement of the tool.

Application Story - Maxon Motors makes Chest Surgery Less Painful Aids Recovery!

Fall River, MA -- Motion Control - Application - Story -- It may sound unbelievable, but some tools that physicians use to perform invasive surgery were originally developed in the 1930s and have gone through minimal updating since. Most often, these tools have been efficient enough to do the job, even if patients took a long time to heal. This is especially true when a surgeon has to enter the chest cavity for heart or lung operations. To date, there are two primary methods used to open a space large enough for a doctor to work inside the chest: a thoracotomy or a sternotomy.

Click here for more information about This interesting Application Story using Maxon's Motors!

Application Story - Loading Docks' Corrosion Problems - Solved by LM76!

Linear Motion Control  - LM76 Application - Loading Dock Problem Solved!

East Longmeadow, MA - Linear Motion Control Application --

The Problem - An LM76 customer is a manufacturer of loading dock ramps. These systems are installed in every state and experience all climates and conditions. Each dock section employs a 1" shaft and linear bearings for length adjustment. Delivery trucks are side-loaded so the platform is adjusted outward to meet the truck body so loaders/unloaders have a safe walkway between building and truck. If the ramp cannot be properly adjusted because its rusted, frozen solid, gaps between the loading dock and the truck body become fall-through hazards for workers.

Click here for more information about The Answer to this serious corrosion problem

Application Story - Shakespeare In a New Light With Flat, Brushless Motors!

Since 2011 audiences can see plays in a whole new light after a literally revolutionary development in theatre lighting with flat, motion control brushless motors playing a leading role.

Maxon Motion control EC45 Flat Brushless Motor is used to control Stage Linhting

Fall River, MA -Motion Control Application - The RSC Lightlock was developed by Vince Herbert, head of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Lighting Department. To address a problem that has plagued lighting designers for years –the momentum of heavy, remote-controlled spotlights. Until now using flexible, lightweight support structures for these lights was out of the question. Attempting to stop would set the whole gantry swinging after each motorized movement, sending spotlights all over the stage and ruining the performance.

Click here for more information on How Maxon's EC45 Flat Motors are Shining New Light on Shakespeare's Plays

Maxon Motor Takes Part in Chase to Catch Up with a Comet!

After more than ten years of travel through space, the European space probe Rosetta has reached the comet Chury. Three months from now, for the first time in the history of space travel, a lander will touch down on the surface of the four-kilometer-wide comet. Motion Control DC motors manufactured by maxon are part of this pioneering feat.

Maxon DC Motors used in Coment Lander

Fall River, MA -- On August 6th, the big day finally arrived: After a journey of more than ten years, the Rosetta space probe reached the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, known as "Chury". The mission team at the European Space Agency (ESA) jumped for joy. For the first time in the history of space travel, a probe has rendezvoused with a comet. It will now orbit and map the comet and gather various types of data. Already, the first images received have yielded astonishing new insights: The comet Chury, which is four kilometers wide, is not round or oval, but instead looks like two rocks loosely stuck together.

Click here for more information on The Rosetta Mission and Maxon's DC Motors!

Application Story - In "Off-Roading" the LM76 Black Racer Bearing is a Winner!

Anyone who's worked on cars knows how critically important ball joints are to steering and suspension. They also know what happens when ball joints fail!

Motion Control LM76 Bearing used in Off Road-Suspension - Application Story

E. Longmeadow, MA – -- Motion Control - Application Story - When an aftermarket manufacturer of off-road steering and suspension systems needed an upper ball joint bearing, they called LM76. These systems are purchased by off-road vehicle owners who want to upgrade their OEM steering and suspension units for hard-hitting environments. Pounding, shock, sand and debris are all part of the mix when it comes to extreme off-roading and LM76 Black Racer bearings are right at home. According to company engineers, after a year of brutal testing, Black Racer met all design goals and exceeded expectations.

Click here for more information on LM76 Black Racer Bearings!

LM76's FDA/USDA Compliant Linear Bearings Are - "THE" Only Solutions!

Linear Bearings - Only Solutions - Cheese Packaging

E. Longmeadow, MA – -- What do you do when you’re motion control linear actuator bearings are including cheese debris? Particularly when your cheese slicing system requires FDA/caustic washdown compliance and FDA inspectors are on site reviewing all process operations for included debris which can propagate harmful bacteria.

"THE" Application

  1. Repeated Impact with Dense, Malleable Product
  2. FDA Compliant Materials
  3. Caustic Washdown
  4. Self-Lubricating
  5. No Product Inclusion

Click here for more information on LM76's FDA/USDA Compliant Bearings Application Story

Application Story - FDA/Washdown System Excels with Special Linear Shaft Assembly from LM76!

Linear Motion - Application Story - Dairy

E. Longmeadow, MA – -- Motion Control - Application Story - Dairy machinery manufacturers are under intense scrutiny by FDA inspectors when it comes to FDA material and caustic washdown compliance. Recently, LM76 was called by a large US dairy packaging company to review a problematic portion of their filling line. After each shift, the filling line is washed-down, has a caustic foaming agent applied to kill bacteria and then is final rinsed. The caustic foaming agent was destroying - literally eating - the aluminum shaft supports while shafting exhibited pitting and showed signs of minor corrosion. Additionally, there were areas where product got trapped and these locations were havens for bacterial growth. Because this system was inplace and our customer was the end-user, LM76 engineers had to use direct drop-in replacement components. What to do?

Click here for more information on FDA Compliant Linear Motion System from LM76

Maxon's Powerful 15 Watt DC Motor for Haptic Applications!

Haptic applications are well known in medical engineering, robotics, and aeronautics. For example: An active helicopter sidestick generates forces that provide tactile feedback to the pilot of a conventional system. Such applications require a special drive. maxon's ironless winding and precious metal commutation were predestined for these requirements.

Maxon motion control RE30 15Watt Motor

Fall River, MA -- The new – big and powerful – RE 30 EB precious metal brushed motor is a special and rare drive, and for certain applications, it's exactly what's needed. Precious metal brushes are known for ensuring low, constant contact resistance over the entire service life, a characteristic that makes control far easier. This motor also features a low start-up voltage, even after a long period in standstill. With a rated torque of 53 mNm, the motor is very powerful despite the precious metal commutation, providing twice the power of an RE 25 EB. In addition, there is minimal high-frequency interference. These are all advantages that are only possible with ironless windings and precious metal brushes.

Click here for more information on Maxon's "Haptic" Applications 15 Watt Motors!

Easily Select the Best LM76 Linear Components for an Application Using this Online Capabilities Brochure!

Learn about the Linear Motion Capabilities Brochure from LM76

E. Longmeadow, MA – -- Linear Motion - LM76's new Linear Motion "Capability" brochure features information on: Linear Bearings, Linear Slides, Shafting and Custom Linear Motion Products. LM76 an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer and supplier of linear motion bearings, shafting and slides since 1976 has consistently supplied not only off-the-shelf components but "Engineered Solutions," to perplexing problems. When other component suppliers say no, LM76 often says, "Yes!"

Click here for more motion control information on the Online Capabilities Brochure from LM76!

Jet Rail Application Story from LM76 Application Story - LM76's JET Rail Linear Bearings and Engineering Exceed the Challenge!

Because LM76 understands workplace environments, manufacturing processes, and offers a complete line of linear bearing systems, LM76 was able to solve a problem and eliminate downtime!

E. Longmeadow, MA – -- When profile rail guides fail within a week bring production to a standstill LM76 was called on to supply a linear bearing system that would stand up under extreme conditions. This application story is not claiming that LM76 Jet Rail Systems are superior to profile rail guide systems. However, in this harsh enviroment the LM76 Jet Rail System proved to be the correct engineering option. LM76 fully understands that to our customer, their problem is "the biggest" and "most pressing problem." And that is the way we treat it! It is our mission at LM76 to ensure that customers get the best engineering advise possible and products to match. We make every effort to provide linear motion products that meet application challenges coupled with a level of service which is truly singular in our industry.

Click here for more information on this component

Linear Motion - Moving Articles of Antiquity using LM76 Rail System

How Do You Move Articles of Antiquity?

Very Carefully With A High Load Rail System from LM76!

E. Longmeadow, MA – -- - The Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) has to move articles of antiquity from one location to another. In this instance, they are moving a 5000 year old relief (hieroglyphics) weighing 8000 pounds to a new location in the Museum. Here is a frontal photo of the Relief from The Tomb of Senenuka.

Part of wall from tomb of Senenuka; nine stones fitting together and including two niches; lower left piece smooth limestone; upper far left preliminary black ink sketch; right of this sketch is a complete relief showing two seated figures; central piece has large scene of seated male on the left and other smaller male figure to the right; upper far right male figure relief outline; left of this again a scene of two seated figures at a table.

Click here for more information.

Artificial Heart Valve Tester uses H2W Technologies Motion COntrol Voice Coil Motor NEW! Artificial Heart Valve Tester Features H2W Technologies Voice Coil Linear Motor!

Santa Clarita, CA — -- H2W Technologies motion control voice coil linear motor technology is being used to create a life tester for an artificial aortic heart valve. The heart valve tester simulates the human heart pumping action. It operates under closed loop position control with 1 micron resolution linear encoders.

Click here for more information.

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