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LM76 Introduces Linear Tables

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LM76 Minuteman linear/rotary motion bearingsBoston, Massachusetts - ZOOM Tables linear positioning stages featuring Minuteman self-lubricating Linear/Rotary Motion bearings has been introduced by LM76. These cost competitive positioning tables come in both single and multiple axes (X, X/Y, and X/Y/Z) configurations which are easily assembled with our "quick bracket system."

ZOOM Tables linear positioning stages provide smooth, quite and maintenance-free linear service in automation applications where high are required.

ZOOM Tables Linear positioning stages features:

  • Strokes from 5" - 41"
  • Supplied with acme lead screws and plastic nuts in .05, .1, .2, .5, and 1" leads.
  • Includes Motor Mount & Coupling.
  • Minuteman Bearings Data: 5000PSI 400SFM Coefficient of Friction: .09-.12
  • Shipment - 2 weeks ARO

"What Do You Want to Move Today?"

With ZOOM Tables from LM76, X, Y & Z motion will never be the same! Put some ZOOM in your linear motion applications with ZOOM Tables from LM76.

For engineering assistance, use our hyper link above. To speak with our engineering staff (over 60 years of plane bearing design) call 1-800-513-3163, Fax: 413-525-3735, go to our Web site at:, or email: and say "I saw it in"

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