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Motion Control - New! 0.45 degree Step Motor Offers Highest Accuracy of Any Step Motor

Motion Control - Lin Engineering 0.45 degree high accuarcy stepper motor
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Morgan Hill, CA - Lin Engineering has introduced the most compact high-resolution hybrid step motors available in the marketplace today. This new, patented, 0.45 degree step motor provides the highest accuracy and smoothest running of any step motor.

This new 2-phase, NEMA size 23, motor has 200 rotor teeth which are proportional to the torque stiffness ( = dT/dq ) giving it the high step accuracy as motor step accuracy is determined by the torque stiffness.

Motor torque function: T(q ) = To x Sin(Nq )

Torque stiffness: dT(q) / dq = N x To x Cos(Nq )

(where To = maximum holding torque, N = number of rotor teeth, q = rotor displacement)

As every step motor has a resonance frequency, Lin Engineering removes the motor resonance frequency away from your operating frequency (speed) assuring smooth motion. Lin Engineering also provides 0.9° and 0.45° motors that are 2 and 4 times better resolution than a standard 1.8°
step motor.

Lin Engineering has earned the reputation as the technical leader in step motor design with the ability to "Maximize Torque at Desired Speed."

Founded by Ted T. Lin in 1987, Lin Engineering began as a consulting company specializing in step motor applications. Throughout the company’s history, it has continued to develop its capabilities in the areas of design engineering, manufacturing and customer service. Lin Engineering has developed its product line to include drivers, optical encoders, power supplies, spur and planetary gearboxes, and integrated step motor drives.

For additional information about the 0.45 degree high resolution step motor, contact Lin Engineering at 16245 Vineyard Blvd., Morgan Hill, CA 95037. Tel: 408-919-0200, Fax 408/919-0201, or e-mail us at and say, "I saw it in" or visit our Web site at

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