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Tusk Direct Announces Low-Cost Miniature Ball and Crossed Roller Slides

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Tusk Direct

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Bethel, Ct -- Tusk Direct has announced the availability of highly accurate yet inexpensive one, two and three axis auto-slides with linear ball or crossed roller bearings. With a flexible zero backlash coupling, straight line accuracy of up to 0.0001 inch per inch of travel and repeatability of 0.0001 inch, the new slides offer precision linear motion at a very reasonable cost. Prices start at $844 for linear ball slides with a one-inch travel and 30 pound load capacity. These and all other Tusk Direct linear motion components can be ordered online at or by phone at 800-447-2042 (203-790-4611 in Connecticut) by noon for next day delivery.

The new auto-slides provide a 3/8 inch diameter 0.10 lead screw with anti-backlash nut and contain a Nema 23 mount for motor installation. They are available with special configurations, with other motor mounts, hand crank actuation and a variety of leads and pitches. They range in size from a one-inch travel model with a length of 5.63 inches to a six-inch travel model with a length of 12.63 inches. One, two and three-axis auto-slides with linear ball or crossed roller slides ranging from one to six inches travel are stocked for next day delivery.

Another type of auto-slide uses crossed rollers, alternately crisscrossed with each other, moving between a set of four, partially flat, parallel smooth rods surrounding the rollers. The rollers have line contact with the way surface as compared to the point contact of balls. This bearing design allows crossed roller slides to carry larger loads and absorb greater impacts. The additional grinding process that flattens the shafts allows the rollers to move on a flat surface, further increasing their load capacity relative to the ball type. The crossed roller bearing auto-slides offer twice the load carrying capacity of the linear ball bearing models, from 60 pounds in the one-inch travel slides to 110 pounds in the 6 inch travel models.

Tusk Direct specializes in supplying the highest quality linear motion components direct over telephone with experienced technical assistance. The company’s highly trained technical staff is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST to provide answers your questions. All Tusk products ship out within 24 hours and next day delivery is available on request for orders placed by 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. Tusk offers a complete line of linear ball slide assemblies, heavy duty crossed roller tables, linear crossed roller slides, low profile crossed roller tables, multi-axis positioning slides, recirculating slide guides, recirculating linear ball bearing pillow blocks, linear shaft supports and hangers, recirculating ball bearings, miniature precision shafting, micrometer heads, linear bearing shafts, anti-backlash lead screw assemblies, miniature shaft couplings bearing balls and rollers, auto-slides, precision dovetail slides and econo-rail slides.

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