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Steinmeyer Announces: The Pentagon Company Has Been Appointed as its New Sales Representative for Western USA!
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BURLINGTON, MA --Motion Control News - Steinmeyer has announced that The Pentagon Company will be its new representative for miniature ball screw products in USA’s western states. President of Pentagon, Donna Materna, will team-up with her sales engineers, Mike Peterseim, Al Theis and Art Kuller to represent Steinmeyer. Known as the “application detectives,” The Pentagon Company has a well-established history of focusing on highly specialized mechanical components for medical, laboratory, industrial, semiconductor and aerospace OEM applications. They have over 50 years of experience working with mechanical design engineers to provide them with top of the line support.

As a highly-experienced technical sales organization specializing in premium engineered products, Pentagon will greatly strengthen the exposure of Steinmeyer’s German engineered, high quality miniature ball screws. Please contact Donna Materna at 818-785-5112, or email to inquire about Steinmeyer’s custom and standard solutions for drive applications that require precise, premium miniature ball screws. Pentagon’s website is

For more information contact Bruce Gretz, V.P of North American Sales, at (781) 273-6220 or

About Steinmeyer

Steinmeyer is the world’s longest continuously-operating manufacturer of commercial ball screws. In the realm of linear motion control, our company has become synonymous with precision, innovation, and exacting standards of quality.

Steinmeyer’s extensive product line is used widely in drive systems for industrial machines as well as precision positioning in optical instruments, medical devices, and other mechatronic applications.

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For further information on Steinmeyer our extensive product portfolio, call 1-781-273-6220 or e-mail Rosmary Belt at or visit the Steinmeyer FMD group at:

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