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XY Stage with Internal Motor and Controller from Steinmeyer!

Steinmeyer KT210 dual axis -Linear Motor Driven Stage
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BURLINGTON, MA - Motion Control - Steinmeyer, Inc. announced a new addition to its line of precision linear stage systems. The new model KT210-EDLM offers a sleek compact design with a height of only 50 mm and length and width of 210 mm. Travel is 100 x 100 mm and includes custom designed low profile direct drive ironless linear motors. A key feature of this stage is that all motors, cable carriers and controller are integrated inside the unit, making this ideal for space saving motion applications. Additionally, due to the integrated controller, all electronics including motor drives are packaged completely inside; communication is simple though a universal USB interface.

Relevant specifications for the KT210-EDLM stage include::

• Travel: 100 mm x 100 mm

• Accuracy: +/- 13.6 µm (micron)

• Repeatability: +/- 2.7 µm

• Linear runout: +/- 4 µm

Features for the integrated controller include:

•Point to point motion standard (contouring optional)

•Programming in steps

•1 each external input and output

•Communication via USB or RS232

•Full digital drives

This stage is ideal for applications such as:

• Life Sciences

• Semiconductor

• Fiber Optics

• Micro-manfuacturing

The Steinmeyer group is comprised of two manufacturing divisions located in Germany. August Steinmeyer GmbH & Co. KG (located in Albstadt) has been setting standards for high precision ball screws for over 40 years and prides itself on high quality, innovative designs to meet demanding customer requirements. Our Feinmess Dresden (FMD) division has been producing an extensive line of high precision positioning systems for well over 130 years.

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For further information on Steinmeyer our extensive product portfolio, call 1-781-273-6220 or e-mail Rosmary Belt at or visit the Steinmeyer FMD group at:

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