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Motion Control - Spring Applied Brakes for Servo & Stepper Motors Is Available from Servo2Go!

Servo2Go - Motion Control Spring Brake


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Greenville, DE --— announces the release of the FSBR series of Reverse Mounted Spring Applied Brakes from Inertia Dynamics of New Hartford, CT, designed to conquer the most demanding of brake applications.

Inertia Dynamics type FSBR brakes are designed for applications requiring minimum space (short axial length) or on motors with short shaft extensions. When mounted, the armature hub is installed on the shaft first, then the brake is installed over the hub and attached to the motor.

The FSBR brakes are rated up to 100 Lb-in static torque, and fit motors up to 5.3" OD.”


•12V, 24V, 90VDC or 120VAC windings

•Static torque to 100 lb-in

•Bore sizes from 1/4" to 3/4"

•Low current consumption

•Low cost

•Metric bores & special voltages available.

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