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New From Servo2Go - Exor introduce the Lowest Cost HMI on the market!

Servo2Go - EXor Low Cost HMI Models


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Greenville, DE -- Servo2Go has just added new Low Cost HMI models to its broad range of Operator Displays from Exor Electronic R&D.

Exor introduces its newest HMI display series to industrial market. Known as the EffectiView or eV Series, these TFT Displays are quickly becoming recognized as the market leader in lowcost high performance touch screens.

Features include:

  • Lowest Cost TFT Display In The Market

  • Off-line Simulation

  • On Board Ethernet

  • IP65 Sealing

  • High Quality TFT Displays

  • Easy Mounting

  • Free Software for First Time Buyers

  • New LED Backlight Designs Available

  • Single Programming Software for all effectiView Touch TFT Screen Models

  • Display Sizes 3.5” to 12.1

    More information on Exor's HMI display series can be viewed at-

    For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 or e-mail Warren Osak at or visit at:

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