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New From Servo2Go - STM Series NEMA 17 Frame Size Integrated Motor/Drives Stepper Motors!

Servo2Go - Motion Control Integrated Step Motors


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Greenville, DE -- is pleased to announce that it has expanded it’s successful line of motion control Integrated Step Motors to include many new NEMA 17 frame models.

Manufactured by Applied Motion Products, the STM is a Drive + Motor + Control unit, fusing step motor and drive technologies into a single device, offering savings on space, wiring and cost over conventional motor and drive solutions.

Communication options include: RS232, RS485, CANopen, Ethernet and Ethernet/IP. Models are CE marked, and RoHS Compliant.

All STM Series models feature:

  • Dynamic Current Control
  • Anti-Resonance
  • Torque Ripple Smoothing
  • Microstep Emulation

S – models feature:

  • Pulse & Direction
  • CW/CCW Pulse
  • A/B Quadrature
  • Velocity (Oscillator) mode
  • Host commands (SCL compatible)
  • SiNet Hub compatible
  • ST Configurator software for setup

Q – models feature:

  • Stand-alone Operation
  • Q Programmer for complex motion
  • Conditional Processing
  • Math Functions
  • Multi-tasking
  • Register Manipulation
  • Encoder Following
  • “Generic” HMI compatibility
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