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New! EtherCAT Servo Amplifiers feature High speed, Deterministic Control!

Motion Control AMC EtherSAT Drives from Servo2Go

AMC Extends the popular DigiFlex® Performancex product line. Their EtherCAT communication servo drives now provides for multiple feedback devices in a variety of power platforms.


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Greenville, DE —-- Motion Control Components - Advanced Motion Controls provides products for the fastest, most flexible form of industrial Ethernet control - EtherCAT®. High speed, deterministic control with standard 100 base-T hardware, EtherCAT Servo Amplifiers are industry proven to achieve blazing fast, consistent results in demanding applications.

Extending the popular DigiFlex® Performance™ product line our EtherCAT communication servo drives provide for multiple feedback devices in a variety of power platforms. Advanced Motion Controls EtherCAT products consist of panel mount and plug-in servo drives to allow for quick prototyping and ease of system integration. Panel mount DPE drives serve as nodes in single or multi-axis EtherCAT networks, while plug-in DZE/DZS drives utilize AMC's unique, proprietary high speed multi-axis communication interface and I/O expansion capabilities ('DxM'™ and 'DxI/O'™ Technologies). Now a single EtherCAT node can accommodate a combination of up to 4 axes of motion with 32 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs, and 2 analog outputs each. The result is a highly integrated high value motion control solution for single or multi-axis applications.

AMC's EtherCAT Servo Drives feature:

  • Four Quadrant Regenerative Operation

  • Space Vector Modulation (SVM) Technology

  • Fully Digital State-of-the-art Design

  • Programmable Gain Settings

  • Fully Configurable Current, Voltage, Velocity and Position Limits

  • PIDF Velocity Loop and PID + FF Position Loop

  • Compact Size, High Power Density

  • 12-bit Analog to Digital Hardware

  • Supports Advanced MotionControls' ‘DxM' Technology

  • On-the-Fly Mode Switching and On-the-Fly Gain Set Switching

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