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New AMC’s Motion Control 25A8 Servo Amplifier Features 1kW Output from Servo2Go!

Servo2Go Motion Control AMC ServoAmp


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Greenville, DE — -- announces the release of the 25A8 servo amplifier from Advanced Motion Controls of Camarillo, CA, designed to conquer the most demanding of applications!

The 25A8 PWM servo amplifier is designed to drive brush type DC & PMDC motors with & without tachometer feedback. Power MOSFETS and surface mount technology deliver up to 99% efficiency with switching frequency to 22 kHz. User simply provides an unregulated DC input voltage plus analog command signal (up to +-15V, 50K input resistance) and operation is immediate. No set-up or tuning software required. The 25A8 is fully protected against over-voltage, over-current, over-heating and short circuits across motor, ground and power leads.

Advanced Motion Controls introduces the 25A8 1kW output brush servo amplifier.

• Model 25A8 provides 12.5A @ 20-80VDC cont. output

• Qty 1 Price $295 US

• Delivery from Stock

• Surface-mount technology

• Small size fits into any shirt pocket

• Directional inhibit inputs (active high or active low)

• Separate peak & continuous current limit adjustments

• For quadrant regenerative operation with pulse width modulation

• Switch selectable modes for current, voltage, velocity, and analog position loop

• Full agency approvals

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