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MICROMO BX4 Series 2232 Brushless DC Servomotors From MicroMo and the Faulhaber Group

Newly Developed Compact Design, Reliable and Long Lasting

MICROMO-Faulhaber Group BX4 Servo Motors

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Clearwater, Florida - MICROMO announces the introduction of the Motion Control BX4 series of brushless DC servomotors, MICROMO once again emphasizes its position as an innovative market leader in highly integrated miniature drive systems. Using the latest production methods, some specially developed by MicroMo, the company has come up with a modular design that is limited to just a few components and entirely eliminates the need for adhesive-bonded joints. Despite the compact dimensions, the new four-pole concept of the series ensures a high continuous torque of up to 12 mNm, with a flat gradient of the n/M aspect curve.

Notable features are the smooth running operation and the particularly low noise level. Thanks to its electronic commutation, the brushless servo motor series is characterized by a much longer service life than mechanically commutated drives. In the basic version the commutation is provided by an external control, the flexible motor concept of the BX4 series also offers versions with integrated speed controller or integrated encoder. The encoder version is available in four different preset resolutions: 32, 64, 128, or 256 quadrature impulses per revolution. It is available with an optional line driver and differential output signal. In addition to mechanical speed adjustment, the new planetary gearheads of the 22F series also allow a temporary torque increase up to 1500 mNm. Designed with one to four stages, the precision gearhead in steel 21 offers finely graduated reduction ratios, and the diameters can be combined in conformity with the BX4 drives.

Technical data
Series 2232...
Speed up to 14 100 10 400 rpm
Efficiency 61,7 67,6 %
Stall torque 29,4 59,9 mNm
Torque up to 6 12 mNm
Current up to 0,85 0,90 A
Slope of n-M curve 493 120 rpm/mNm

Data Sheets:

2232...BX4 [299 KB]

2232...BX4 IE3 [294 KB]

2232...BX4 IE3 L [332 KB]

2232...BX4 SC [289 KB]

Compatible Planetary Gearhead (22F) [108 KB]

Compatible Speed Controllers (1801, 2804) [526 KB]


Instruction Manual

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