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EC 8 Ø8 mm, Brushless, 2 Watts From Maxon

Ø8x20 mm – a tiny drive with a big impact.

The family of brushless micro drives welcomes a new member, the EC 8.

Maxon motion control EC8 Brushless Motor
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Fall River, MA --Besides its exceptional performance data (continuous torque up to 0.95 mNm, nominal speed up to 80'000 rpm, 70% efficiency), the motor stands out due to its high quality.

Being produced according to the most rigid Medical Standard ISO 13485, it is unquestioned in respect to quality and dependability.

With its outstanding qualifications, the EC 8 motor feels at home in many fields of application; sampling robotics, portable analyzers and metering systems, instrumentation or inspection robots, just to name a few.

The motor is available with or without Hall sensors and with 6 V, 12 V and 24 V windings. It can be combined with the planetary gearhead GP 8A. 1-quadrant amplifiers serve as controllers; the DEC 24/1, directly connected via flexprint and the DEC Module 24/2, a miniature plug-in module.

All technical documents and drawings are available for free at the maxon e-Shop in PDF, DXF and STEP formats. The biggest advantage of the maxon e-Shop is that users can search for DC brush or brushless motors online, combine these with gearheads, sensors and control electronics and easily order up to 49 items with just one mouse click:

Comprehensive documentation and software are included with every delivery, and are also available for you to download from our website at

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