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Motion Control - Protection Against Contamination: Breathing Clean Air!

Maxon DC motors are used in the blower components of high-quality protection suits.

Motion Control - Maxon Motors help fight COVID-19 with motor for protection suit!
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Taunton, MA -Motion Control - Protection suits containing an air blower element that fills the entire suit with clean air, have been used by health professionals when faced with contaminated environments. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation where these type of suits have been utilized. Maxon DC brushless motors are found inside these specialized suits. The DC motor is efficient, high-speed and robust.

Maxon was selected for the compact and lightweight DC motor design, ironless winding, strong magnet and producing very little vibration and noise output. Most importantly, a brushless DC motor was mandatory as a brushed motor may cause sparks that would ignite within the suit. When designing the suit, special attention was given to the placement of the blower unit sewn inside the suit, to avoid the need for heavy straps or air supply hoses. A Li-Ion battery provides more than four hours of operation of air supply with a flow up to 600 liters per minute.

For more information please contact maxon motor Australia tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

Maxon Response - Important Updates on COVID-19

Maxon is continually monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 and taking every action to ensure the safety of our customers and our employees. We are maintaining operations in our facilities worldwide as an essential business. We are handling all phone calls, manufacturing and shipping products while complying with applicable government regulations. Our team of engineers is available remotely to offer support and assist you with any questions on selecting the right drive system for your application.

For medical related applications, maxon has created a COVID-19 Medical Fast Track Response Team (through our Medical Business Unit) to ensure prompt and appropriate decisions in managing product needs for medical essential applications during this crisis. Contact us at for assistance.

About Maxon

maxon is a developer and manufacturer of brushed and brushless DC motors, as well as gearheads, encoders, controllers, and entire mechatronic systems. With over 50 years of experience in drive technology, maxon works closely with engineers designing high-tech innovations. maxon drives are used wherever the requirements are particularly high: in NASA's Mars rovers, in surgical power tools, in humanoid robots, and in precision industrial applications. Worldwide, maxon has more than 2800 employees at nine production sites and is represented by sales companies in more than 30 countries.

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Comprehensive documentation and software are included with every delivery, and are also available for you to download from our website at

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