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New Book, "Selection of High Precision Microdrives" from Maxon.

Maxon Motors launches book entitled "Selection of high-precision microdrives". The book is part of the maxon academy series written by Dr. Urs Kafader.

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Fall River, MA --Maxon precision motors, long recognized as an innovator and market leader in the development of micro DC drives, is pleased to announce the introduction of its latest release from the maxon academy series; Selection of high-precision microdrives.

Permanent magnet DC motors are playing an ever-increasing role in the push toward miniaturization. New designs are demanding higher performance and more functionality in increasingly smaller packages. The selection of individual drive components is becoming more complex as a result of these criteria. As a result, more and more OEM designers are being presented with system integration issues unfamiliar to even the most seasoned design engineers.

This book is intended to provide the reader with a practical approach to solving basic micro drive problems. The text is filled with numerous examples of fundamental drive problems and solutions ranging from diaphragm pumps to lead-screw drives and their associated controls.

At a cost of $50.00 with free shipping and handling, order your copy today. Call maxon precision motors at 800-865-7540 or email your request to

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