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Maxon motor's "maxon academy" training platform represents another innovative step in customer support. offers comprehensive knowledge on drive technology; printed publications, e-learning modules and seminars on drive technology and motion control, supports tutors and students.

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Fall River, MA -- Deepen your knowledge in drive technology and motion control. Learn more about the coordinated operation of the drive components, motors, gearheads, sensors and controllers. Visit

Maxon academy combines our solutions in the field of drive technology training. Besides the maxon academy books and booklets you will find e-learning modules and upcoming seminars and workshops.

Maxon seminars and workshops cover the topics in a mix of practical work, presentations, exercises and demonstrations and they offer interactive expert help and advice. Standard seminars and workshops incorporate the selection of drive components and the operation of maxon motion controllers.

The Professor's Desk supports lecturers with teaching materials such as PowerPoint presentations, models, exercises for students and models for hands-on training with suggestions for practical work.

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