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Motion Control - 3809 Modular Motors ... New 'In Between' Sizes Now Available! from Lin Engineering

Motion Control - Lin Engineering 3809 Modular NEMA 14 Stepper Motors
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Morgan Hill, CA -- Lin Engineering, the Step Motor Specialists, are pleased to introduce the new 3809 NEMA 14 modular motors. The 3809 series, designed exclusively with Lin Engineering’s patent pending Signature Series technology, is the new and improved version of the 3609 series modular motors.

The 3809 series of motors are available in four different stack lengths with the thinnest measuring in at a mere 12.7mm (0.50”) in thickness. Depending on the stack length, these small, yet powerful motors are capable of producing up to 16 oz-in of holding torque. As an added value, Lin Engineering is able to customize the motor performance and create new windings at no extra cost. Additionally, Lin Engineering can place the 3809 series in almost any customer supplied/designed housing imaginable.

If you have an application that requires a small, lightweight motor that still delivers a considerable amount of torque the 3809 series may be the motor for you. Industries currently benefiting from the features of this motor in their applications are: medical, semiconductor, optical, robotics, and surveillance.

Signature Series Technology:

Lin Engineering’s new patent pending Signature Series technology is now available with the 3809 motor series. The Signature Series was developed exclusively to help reduce system resonance and provide overall smooth motion. Depending on the application, using motors with the Signature Series technology may result in up to 50% less resonance being produced.

Founded by Ted T. Lin in 1987, Lin Engineering began as a consulting company specializing in step motor applications. Throughout the company’s history, it has continued to develop its capabilities in the areas of design engineering, manufacturing and customer service. Lin Engineering has developed its product line to include drivers, optical encoders, power supplies, spur and planetary gearboxes, and integrated step motor drives.

For additional information about Lin Engineering's Signature Series technology or the 3809 motor series, contact Lin Engineering at 16245 Vineyard Blvd., Morgan Hill, CA 95037. Tel: 408-919-0200, Fax 408/919-0201, or e-mail us at and say, "I saw it in" or visit our Web site at

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