New! "Inner Space" Linear Actuators To Be Used In Exploration Of The Oceans’ Depths

Ultra Motion Inner Space Linear Actuator
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Mattituck, NY -- A new series of compact “Inner Space” linear actuators has been developed by Ultra Motion. These actuators are capable of operating at the very deepest part of the world’s oceans. Developed for use on unmanned submersible vehicles, these compact lightweight actuators provide up to 100 lbs. of force and can be mounted outside of the submersible, eliminating the need for complicated linkage and concerns about seals. Available in 1, 2, and 4 in. (25, 51, and 102 mm) stroke lengths, and moving at up to 16 in/sec. (406 mm/sec), these compact in-line linear actuators are sealed and oil filled. The oil filled design allows for external and internal pressures to be continuously equalized. These, “Inner Space,” linear actuators are ideal for use in controlling diving planes, rudders, camera and light positioning, and operating robotic arms for collecting samples and performing other underwater tasks such as welding.

Precision ball and Acme drive screws directly coupled to the high performance NEMA 17 sized, 2 phase stepper motor provides the user with the ability to specify a precision linear actuator specifically for their application. Motor/screw combinations include: Zero backlash as well as combinations that cannot be back-driven. The “Inner Space” linear actuator with a NEMA 17 stepper is just 1.72 in. (44 mm) square x 2.30 in, (58.4 mm) long at the motor end with a 1.30 in. (33 mm) diameter housing tube. Totally sealed, these actuators are available in a variety of stroke lengths and drive screw combinations. Mounting is by stainless steel in-line rod bearing clevises. The only materials exposed to the water are stainless, rubber and plastic.

The Ultra Motion “Inner Space” linear actuators are used on the rudder and diving planes of the NovaRay ROV (below). To see how the "Inner Space" linear actuators are use on the NovaRay ROV, click on "Application Story" above.

NovaRay ROV - Front

The overall length is only 9.0 in. (228.6 mm) longer than the stroke length. Home position sensing can be accomplished with externally adjustable reed switches. And the “Inner Space” linear actuators are supplied with a sealed underwater electrical cable and connector. The operating temperature range is -20O F to 120O F (-29OC to 49OC). Optionally, absolute (not incremental) analog position feedback can be provided.

The “Inner Space” linear actuators are available with matching controllers and drivers for full, half step and micro-stepping operation. The nonmagnetic, stainless steel actuator shaft is also sealed so that no seawater can enter or exit the housing and it can be washed down.

Ultra Motion is a manufacturer and supplier of high precision electromechanical mini-linear actuators and matching controllers. Generating high forces, they are the ideal alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Typically, these clean and quiet, high performance mini-linear actuators are selected for low to moderate power applications when high precision and reliability are important requirements. Using state-of-the-art materials, they are lightweight and very cost effective.

For additional information on “Inner Space” linear actuators please phone or fax Ultra Motion, 225 East Side Ave., Mattituck, NY 11952, Tel: (631) 298-9179, Fax: 631/298-6593 or visit the Ultra Motion Website at - and say, "I saw it in" .

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