New! "Inner Space" Linear Actuators Control Rudder and Diving Planes of the NovaRay ROV

NovaRay ROV - Front
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Kirkland, WA -- Nova Marine Exploration, Inc., as a result of its extensive experience in commercial underwater exploration and recovery saw the need to improve the economic and, more importantly, the operating characteristics of existing submersible ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) technologies.

Nova Ray, Inc. (a subsidiary of Nova Marine Exploration, Inc.), was founded to develop and market a submersible ROV that could:

* – Operate in high current conditions (up to 10 mph) such as those found in ports, harbors, rivers, and inlets.
* – Operate as a towed vehicle or operated using its own onboard thrusters.
* – Be able to operate in depths to 500 feet.
* – Operate in remote areas such as rivers and lakes.
* – Be easily transported.
* – Be affordable.
* – Be easily adaptable to various conditions and assignments.
* – Be rapidly deployed.
* – Be equipped with TV monitor and be able to include sonar.
* – Have remotely controlled robotic capabilities.
* – Be controlled via digital operating system using a joy-stick, lap-top computer, or auto-pilot.

Ultra Motion Inner Space Linear Actuator

The Nova Ray® submersible ROV was the answer. The Nova Ray ROV achieves its stability from its Arcuate wing and is controlled by flaps and a rudder actuated by the Ultra Motion, LLC “Inner Space” linear actuators.

Ultra Motion Inner Space Linear Actuator

The Ultra Motion “Inner Space” actuator was selected because it can withstand pressures of extreme depths and is compact, responsive, highly reliable, and cost effective. The body and the bellows of the “Inner Space” linear actuators are oiled filled which keeps internal and external pressures equalized and water out of the actuator. Please see the attached Product Release for the Ultra Motion “Inner Space” linear actuator.

This side view of the NovaRay ROV shows the Ultra Motion “Inner Space” linear actuator that is used to operate the rudder.

NovaRay ROV - side

The compact size and quick deployment capabilities of the Nova Ray® submersible ROV allows it to be operated from an inflatable boat or small harbor patrol craft, making it ideal for Search and Rescue or Search and Recovery operations. The Nova Ray® submersible ROV is also ideally suited for inspection of underwater gas and oil pipe lines, telecommunication cables, dams, bridges, piers, reservoirs, environmental studies, mineral prospecting, and treasure hunting.

With 1,000,000 plus miles of coast line and navigable waterways, the Nova Ray® submersible ROV is being considered for a strategic role in homeland security. It is well suited for protecting infrastructures such as bridges and dams from underwater terrorism and for ship hull inspections.

The Nova Ray® submersible ROV is equipped with dual quartz lights and a high resolution TV camera with adjustable tilt. Forward and side scan sonar are available options. The Nova Ray® submersible ROV can also be fitted with robotic arms.

This new series of compact “Inner Space” linear actuators developed by Ultra Motion, are capable of operating at the very deepest part of the world’s oceans. Developed for use on unmanned submersible vehicles, such as the NovaRay ROV, these compact lightweight actuators provide up to 100 lbs. of force and can be mounted outside of the submersible, eliminating the need for complicated linkage and concerns about seals.

Ultra Motion is a manufacturer and supplier of high precision electromechanical mini-linear actuators and matching controllers. Generating high forces, they are the ideal alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Typically, these clean and quiet, high performance mini-linear actuators are selected for low to moderate power applications when high precision and reliability are important requirements. Using state-of-the-art materials, they are lightweight and very cost effective.

For additional information on “Inner Space” linear actuators please phone or fax Ultra Motion, 225 East Side Ave., Mattituck, NY 11952, Tel: (631) 298-9179, Fax: 631/298-6593 or visit the Ultra Motion Website at - and say, "I saw it in" .

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