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H2W Technologies Crossed Roller-XY Stage

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Santa Clarita, CA —-- Motion Control Components - XY Cross Roller Positioning Stages - The XRS-19-09-XY-001 is a XY crossed roller positioning stage uses a brushless linear motor to generate a continuous/peak force of 52.4 lbs [233.1 N] (bottom axis), 52.4 lbs [233.1 N] (top axis) with a total stroke length of 19.0 in [482.6 mm] (bottom axis), 9.0 in [228.6 mm] (top axis). The top axis is able to directly mount to the moving bottom axis motor. This helps reduce the overall height and moving mass of the system. The non-contact 1-micron resolution encoder allows for precise positioning. It is guided by a rigid high accuracy crossed roller bearing.

There are also provisions that allow customer cables to be routed within the cable carrier. It has end-of-travel rubber bumper stops. A home positioning sensor, end-of-travel-sensors, and custom mounting holes on the moving table are available upon request.

The stage consists of two stacked Single Rail Positioning Stages:

Bottom Axis - XRS-019-11-050-001

Top Axis - XRS-009-10-050-001

Specification Table Axis Differentiation: Bottom Axis / Top Axis

Product Drawing
Motor P/N n/a
Stroke19.0 / 9.0 in483 / 229 mm
Encoder Resolution0.1 micron
Bearing TypeCrossed Roller
Moving Mass14.3 / 13.0 lbs6.5 / 5.9 kg
Total Mass72.2 / 51.4 lbs32.7 / 23.3 kg
Resistance @ 20C8.0 ohms
Inductance @ 20C10.0 mH
Electrical Time Constant1.3 msec
Motor Constant4.4 lbs/vwatt19.6 N/vwatt
Force Constant12.3 lbs/amp54.5 N/amp
Back EMF1.6 V/ips63.0 V/m/sec
Force @ 100% Duty52.4 lbs233 N
Power @ 100% Duty142 watts
Current @ 100% Duty4.3 amps
Force @ 10% Duty157 lbs669 N
Power @ 10% Duty1278 watts
Current @ 10% Duty12.9 amps
Stage Length35.0 / 23.0 in889 / 584 mm
Stage Width10.7 / 9.9 in273 / 253 mm
Stage Height3.1 in77.5 mm

For short stroke, compact positioning stages please see our Voice Coil Positioning Stages.

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About H2W Technologies, Inc.

H2W Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to the design and manufacture of linear and rotary motion products that are used in the motion control industry. The complete line of linear electric motors includes: Single and dual axis linear steppers, DC brush and brushless linear motors, voice coil actuators, and AC induction motors. Also offered is a complete line of ball screw, lead screw and belt driven positioning stages.

Other motion control products include: Limited angle torque motors for compact, limited angular excursion rotary servo applications, 3 phase brushless rotary servo motors with matching digital servo amplifiers and permanent magnet linear brakes for fail-safe, zero power braking for baggage handling and people moving applications as well as amusement park rides.

With over 75 years combined experience in the linear and rotary motion field, the H2W Technologies team of engineers offers the optimal solution to the most demanding motion control, requirements.

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For additional information contact Mark Wilson at H2W Technologies, 26380 Ferry Ct, Santa Clarita, CA 91350; Tel: 888-702-0540, Fax: 661-251-2067, E-Mail: or visit the website at

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