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Motion Control - LFA-3404 Linear Focus Voice Coil Actuator from Equipment Solutions.

Equipment Solutions Voice Coil Precision Linear Focus Actuator
Equipment Soultions

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Sunnyvale, CA, — Equipment Solutions, Inc. introduces the LFA-3404 Linear Focus Actuator is a high performance compact positioning system. It was specifically developed for optical applications requiring both high precision and high-speed positioning over a short to medium stroke. The motion control LFA-3404 is well suited for optical focusing and other micropositioning applications such as scanning interferometry, surface structure analysis, disk drive testing, autofocus systems, confocal microscopy, bio-technology, semiconductor test equipment.

This motor is normally configured with an analog position feedback sensor and can be optionally equipped with a digital quadrature feedback element. The key to this products immense success is its novel tubular architecture. This arrangement provides a means to send the optical path directly through the middle of the motor. The moving optic attached to the motors 'C-mount' is not cantilevered and so has no torques. By design, the LFA-3404 Linear Focus Actuator rotates approximately 0.1 degrees or 1.7 milliradians for every 1 millimeter of translation. Product manufacturing tolerances are closely monitored so that both lateral and angular displacements about the motion axis are as small as possible.

Equipment Solutions, Inc. (ESI) is a provider of engineering and manufacturing services. ESI specializes in the design and production of automation and instrumentation products including motion control components and sub systems. ESI’s products range from galvanometer amplifiers with an integrated arbitrary waveform generator, to high-resolution displacement sensors, voice coil and stepper motor stages, amplifiers and controllers.

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