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MCA Webinar - "Servo Solutions to Mobile Automation Challenges?" - Sponsored by Electromate

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Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada -- Join us for a FREE Webinar on April 21st at 11:00 EST. Register Today!

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April 21, 2015.

Presenter: Shane Beilke, Advanced Motion Controls: Executive Team - Product Strategy

With automation expanding out of the factory, machine builders are faced with a varying set of new challenges. Mobile platforms, such as unmanned systems, are expected to operate in extreme environments and carry their own power source; all while being light weight and compact.

To meet the current and future needs of the market, enabling technologies need to be applied and discovered. At the forefront of the enabling technologies are servo drive controllers.

Servo controllers not only make a robot or mobile platform move, they can also be solutions to the other design requirements. A servo is an integral component to any mobile solution and can help with power efficiency, communication, agility and dexterity. This webinar will touch on the challenges presented to robot designers and how servo drives can make them successful.

For further information on this Webinar or Motion Control Components in our extensive product portfolio, call 1-877-SERVO99 (737-8699) or e-mail Warren Osak at or visit Electromate at:

Electromate-Motion Control Webinar-MCA-Maxon Motor

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