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Low Profile Rack and Pinion 12 Volt Linear Actuators.


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Eugene, OR- - E-Motion LLC introduces the Knudtson P-358 and P-200 low profile rack & pinion 12VDC linear actuators. These linear actuators offer a simple, low-cost solution for high-speed, medium force applications. Speeds range from 4 inches/second to 8 inches/second with force to 100 lbs, and an overall height profile of under 3". The P-358 single rack model is available with travel to 67" and 4-8 inch/second speed, and may be used as a rod-type or gantry-type actuator (external guiding required). The P-200 double rack & pinion actuator features synchronized opposing motion at 8 inches/second, with travel of up to 67" per rack, ideal for applications such as double doors. Each actuator is built to the specified travel from .5"-67", with several end connection configurations available. Delivery in low to medium quantities is typically 4-5 working days. Custom design requests are welcome.

Complementing the rack & pinion offering is the CLB-12-2 current limiting controller. Th CLB provides individually adjustable current limiting in each direction, allowing for the possibility of eliminating external limit switches and providing protection from excessive forces. The controller is useful in many 12V motor applications where preset force limiting is desired, and in areas where limit switches are not a viable option. The CLB comes standard in latching mode, where a switch closure initiates movement until the current limit is reached, or the input is made again. The actuator will reverse direction on the next input. May be field-converted to maintained and SPDT input modes as well.

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For additional information contact Tim Schauer at: E-Motion LLC, 687 McKinley St #3, Eugene, OR 97402; Telephone: 800-662-1684, Fax: 541-344-1461 or E-Mail: or visit the Web site at and say, "I saw it on, "The Motion Control Home Page."

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