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Gotcha Stick "Gotcha Stick" from STI Features New Dimensions for Human Arm

Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI), introduces the new "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

Although not officially adopted by OSHA, the "Gotcha Stick" is based on data from "A Review of Machine-Guarding Recommendations," by Donald R. Vaillancourt and Stover H. Snook of the Liberty Mutual Research Center for Health & Safety. This data redefines the dimensions of the human arm for the purposes of machine guarding. The resulting new stick has been modified to include openings of less than 1/4 inch over the first 1/2 inch distance.

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Entertainment Engineering An Online Magazine for Motion Control Engineers!

Entertainment Engineering is a magazine that covers hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, software, and electromechanical motion control technologies that are used in many types of entertainment devices and events such as movies, concerts, theme and amusement parks, electronic games, and racing and sporting events. Co-founder Terry Persun explains why it was important to maintain the look and feel of a magazine at . "We felt that many web sites, especially the web sites of engineering magazines, are confusing to readers who may not easily identify which portions are editorial and which portions are purchased advertisements that are not subject to the scrutiny and integrity of editors," says Persun. "That confusion is absent on our web site."

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